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Swimsuits RX ERJX203267 2PCS W S18

LBP 798000
LBP 559,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103194 W20

ROXY™ Womens Printed Beach Classics One Piece Swimsuit - Made with a soft, resistant stretch fabric, tailored in a fashion one-piece shape, and rounded out with a moderate coverage. This one-piece swimsuit for women joins the line-up in the ROXY swimwear collection.

LBP 1116000
LBP 781,000
Swimsuits R ERJX103013 SM 1PC W S16

LBP 858000
LBP 600,579
Swimsuits RX ST ERJWR03225 W S18

POP Surf Short Sleeve One-Piece Swimsuit Blending deep marine blues with a mix of ROXY pop prints on the sleeves, this short-sleeve swimsuit is a comfortable and confident style to add to your surf kit. Cut from high-performance Xtra life Lycra® with 50 UV sun protection to ensure endless wearability from the first set to the last.

LBP 1008000
LBP 706,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX103029 G S18

LBP 810000
LBP 567,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103110 W S18

LBP 807000
LBP 565,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX303609 S18

LBP 504000
LBP 353,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX103026 G S18

LBP 414000
LBP 290,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103165 MAILLOT W S19

LBP 876000
LBP 613,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103167 MAILLOT W S19

LBP 846000
LBP 592,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103171 MAILLOT W S19

LBP 960000
LBP 672,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103172 MAILLOT W S19

LBP 918000
LBP 643,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103173 MAILLOT W S19

LBP 960000
LBP 672,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103177 MAILLOT W S19

LBP 1020000
LBP 714,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX203349 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 792000
LBP 554,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX103052 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 600000
LBP 420,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX203343 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 768000
LBP 538,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103236 MAILLOT W S120

LBP 588000
LBP 412,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103237 MAILLOT W S20

LBP 468000
LBP 328,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX103246 MAILLOT W S20

LBP 780000
LBP 546,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203135 2PCS G S18

LBP 480000
LBP 336,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203140 2PCS G S18

Roxy Surfing Miami Bandeau Bikini Set Swimsuit Miami South Beach inspired the Roxy Surfing Miami collection, which also includes this Bandeau bikini set, designed specifically for ages 8-16. The upper part of this Roxy swimsuit, despite having a bandeau design, is also supported as an extra-thin corset, which gives the wearer a medium hold, while the lower part provides full coverage. An important part of the series is the patterns of the garments, also thinking about the style sensitivity of the youngest.

LBP 480000
LBP 336,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX203244 2PCS W S18

Leotard with Roxy logos simple Scooter cut

LBP 480000
LBP 336,000
Swimsuits RX ERJX203244 2PCS W S18

Swimsuit with Roxy logos in a simple and stylish Scooter cut. Made of stretch fabric, a combination of nylon and elstane.

LBP 480000
LBP 336,000