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Mountain Bikes SC 274802 BIKE CONTESSA ACTIVE 40 WHITE S20

The SCOTT Contessa Active 40 series features a super light Alloy Frame. The series comes fully equipped with a Suntour fork, perfect for those always on the go.

LBP 14235294
LBP 12,811,765
Mountain Bikes SC 274805 BIKE CONTESSA ACTIVE 60 S20

The SCOTT Contessa Active 60 series features an ultra-light aluminum frame. This series is equipped with a Suntour fork, perfect for cyclists who do not hold in place.

LBP 8907000
LBP 7,125,000
Mountain Bikes SC BIKE 274793 CONTESSA ACTIVE 20 S20

What does it mean to be active? That's up to you. The all NEW SCOTT Contessa Active 20 series features a super light Alloy Frame. The series comes fully equipped with a RockShox Fork, along with our RideLoc lockout technology to allow for multiple travel settings to always optimize your ride.

LBP 18764706
LBP 16,888,235
Mountain Bikes SC 269829 BIKE ASPECT 760 YELLOW/GREY S19

The SCOTT Aspect 760 is a reliable mountain bike that is built for lightness, efficiency and an attractive price tag. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes in combination with Syncros components make this bike a great choice for beginners and those who don't want to pay extra for high tech. Wheels 27.5 inches.

LBP 10145882
LBP 9,131,294
Out of stock
Mountain Bikes SC 269831 BIKE ASPECT 770 RED/DARK RED S19

The SCOTT Aspect 770/970 is a light, efficient hardtail at a fair price. With disc brakes and Syncros components, it is the perfect bike for beginners and cost-conscious mountain bikers. Available with 29-inch and 27.5-inch tires.

LBP 9843965
LBP 8,859,568
Mountain Bikes SC 269811 BIKE ASPECT 980 BLUE/YEL S19

The Scott Aspect 980 mountain bike with a 21-mode transmission has 29-inch wheels and a spring fork. The Scott Aspect 980 is designed for both athletes and active off-road riders.

LBP 11232941
LBP 10,109,647