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Sleeping Bag Men's Sleeping bag - red

Very warm sleeping bag for hiking: the hydrophobic properties of its synthetic insulation ensure the best nights sleep in the wild. This three-season synthetic-fill sleeping bag manages wet conditions really well – and that, as product manager Antoine explains, is an essential point for a sleeping bag. “Under canvas, you often have to deal with condensation. Moisture can come from the body, or from outside too. It can spot with rain during the night, or you might camp by a river, lake or coast. And lastly, the ground gives off moisture too. Synthetic fill responds well to all these types of moisture.” Synthetic also stands out for its affordability and ease of care: “You can machine-wash a synthetic-fill bag and store it compressed.” Designed for hiking and trekking, the BAIKAL range is available in six models tailored to you and your activities: choose according to the comfort temperatures that suit you.

LBP 641,000
Sleeping Bag Sleeping bag BAIKAL 1100

Warm, light sleeping bag for hiking: the water-repellent properties of synthetic fiber insulation ensure the best sleeping comfort in nature. This 3-season sleeping bag with synthetic filling is designed for hiking and trekking and has optimal moisture management. "Under the tent roof you have to expect condensate," explains product manager Antoine. "Moisture can start both from the body and penetrate from the outside, for example in snow or rain. Moisture also rises from the soil. Sleeping bags with synthetic filling respond well to these types of moisture." The synthetic filling has other advantages: it is extremely easy to care for and has a good price-performance ratio: "A sleeping bag with synthetic filling can be washed in the machine and stored in compressed condition." The Baikal series has been developed for hiking and trekking.

LBP 723,000