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Swimsuits RX ERGX103029 G S18

LBP 810000
LBP 567,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX103026 G S18

LBP 414000
LBP 290,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX103052 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 600000
LBP 420,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203135 2PCS G S18

LBP 480000
LBP 336,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203140 2PCS G S18

Roxy Surfing Miami Bandeau Bikini Set Swimsuit Miami South Beach inspired the Roxy Surfing Miami collection, which also includes this Bandeau bikini set, designed specifically for ages 8-16. The upper part of this Roxy swimsuit, despite having a bandeau design, is also supported as an extra-thin corset, which gives the wearer a medium hold, while the lower part provides full coverage. An important part of the series is the patterns of the garments, also thinking about the style sensitivity of the youngest.

LBP 480000
LBP 336,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203193 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 324000
LBP 229,000
Swimsuits RX ERLX203072 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 426000
LBP 298,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203185 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 324000
LBP 227,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203186 MAILLOT G S19

This sporty girls bikini set is made of a soft and durable elastic fabric, with a sport style top and bottom providing even coverage.

LBP 420000
LBP 294,000
Swimsuits RX ERLX203071 MAILLOT G S19

The children's swimwear set Roxy Girl Lets Go Surfing Bra for girls is a must-have piece for the summer season. It has a sporty upper and is decorated with a pattern with stripes at the top as well as at the bottom.

LBP 324000
LBP 227,000
Swimsuits RX ERLX203074 MAILLOT G S19

LBP 298179
LBP 298,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203113 MAILLOT S18

LBP 336000
LBP 235,000
Swimsuits RX ERGX203113 MAILLOT S18

Need The Sea - Bikini Set for Girls 8-16

LBP 336000
LBP 235,000