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Swimsuits RX ERGX203140 2PCS G S18

Roxy Surfing Miami Bandeau Bikini Set Swimsuit Miami South Beach inspired the Roxy Surfing Miami collection, which also includes this Bandeau bikini set, designed specifically for ages 8-16. The upper part of this Roxy swimsuit, despite having a bandeau design, is also supported as an extra-thin corset, which gives the wearer a medium hold, while the lower part provides full coverage. An important part of the series is the patterns of the garments, also thinking about the style sensitivity of the youngest.

$ 53
Swimsuits RX ERLX203071 MAILLOT G S19

The children's swimwear set Roxy Girl Lets Go Surfing Bra for girls is a must-have piece for the summer season. It has a sporty upper and is decorated with a pattern with stripes at the top as well as at the bottom.

$ 36
Swimsuits RX ERGX203113 MAILLOT S18

Need The Sea - Bikini Set for Girls 8-16

$ 37